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Cuenca Azuay Ecuador

Gustavo Castro

Gustavo grew up in a small family, by Ecuadorian standards. Gustavos’ father, Engineer Gustavo Castro Pozo studied bridge building in France, which was an innovative move over 100 years ago! In 1955, Eng. Castro started one of the first hardware stores in Cuenca, eventually adding several branches, which was another innovation for it’s time. Gustavo was 18 years old when he entered the family business, while attending the University of Cuenca, becoming an algebra professor at the age of 24. Teacher, Student and Professional are just a few of Gustavo’s many areas of expertise. Gustavo is an expert in home building, renovation and remodeling. And because he is a long time respected resident and contractor, he has the experience and knowledge to quickly get you the results that you require!

“I highly recommend Gustavo to help find the best resources for any of your remodeling needs. Being a native Cuencano, with many ties to the construction community, Gustavo wastes no time in introducing you to your choice of perfect resources”

Susana Abad

“Gustavo is the perfect person to help you think through all the “little details” of your project, your rental or your purchase, which are often the things that others would overlook.”

Ximena Pozo

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